Call Today for Your Car Key Replacement

“I found my car key missing – what should I do now?” We get questions like this thousands of times every day on our website. The honest truth is that there are many different answers to this type of question depending on a variety of circumstances. But the most important thing to do when losing your car’s original key is to immediately call a reputable dealership and get a new one (or parts). Here are some tips to help you get started:

At CarKey Pros, we provide all the latest in car key replacement technology, including programming and cutting new high security keys. When all your locks are stolen, we can immediately originate new key fobs to get you up and running again. We can also replace the entire lock assembly and recoding if it is programmed incorrectly. If you think that the damage is so severe that it will take more than a few minutes to replace the lock assembly or even have it recoding, don’t take the chance.

Most large nationwide locksmiths can perform car keys replacement as well. Some smaller locksmiths can but depending on their knowledge and skills, they might charge a fee for the service. We recommend calling all the locksmiths in your area to see who can help you the quickest and easiest. You want to be able to trust the locksmiths that you use with your sensitive information and keys. Trust is very important.

Some locksmiths can offer an alternative to a new lock assembly or recoding. This option is typically known as a remote head key alternative. A remote head is simply a small piece of plastic, metal or wire that can be inserted into a hole drilled in the key. Once the small piece is inserted, the key can be operated using a keypad or a padlock.

Remote key repair services can be done by the owner of the car or it can be done by a licensed auto locksmith. Before you decide to hire a remote head locksmith to do a remote car key replacement, ask how many keys will be replaced. Find out if the locksmith charges a fee for additional keys. Find out if the repair services include recoding of existing keys or whether they charge a flat rate for recording any new keys.

Car locksmiths that do a lot of auto lock repair usually do a car key replacement and lock re-keying service at the same time. In most cases, they will also charge an extra fee to lock-in the new key as well. Find out what the technician will charge for the lock-in and lock-out services before you give them your credit card information. If you are not sure about what the charges are, call today and find out.